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  • Bheau View Ranch is an extension of all my favorite things growing up in the Midwest . I was raised on a beautiful farm surrounded by trees and big pastures full of horses and animals you would find in the woods, like rabbits, squirrels , birds, and fish in the pond. I absolutely loved to explore riding my horses around the countryside after my daily chores of caring for all the animals and the gardening was done., I had many brothers and sisters, eight of us kids, so we always had a lot of fun and never a dull moment


  • When I settled here I was training horses full time and teaching riding lessons . In 2002 Bheau View Ranch started the Riders and Writers Camp for Girl Scouts of America. The camp was a tribute to my dear friend Marguerite Henry who was famous for writing books mostly about horses. It was a big success and we continued the summer camp from that year on. Bheau View Ranch became a refuge for many unwanted horses over the years. We also became a place to have your family celebrations , hense the Weddings! Bheau View Ranch was originated by all the people of all ages who love being with animals in a beautiful setting.


  • At the age of 43 yrs. I had a brain swell and lost the ability to see and could barely breathe or speak. I didn’t think I would live through this experience and was prepared to die. While praying and seeking God with all my heart, I began to see and hear Him with my consciousness and not my bodily eyes and ears. I believed I was going to die and go with God I chose to be placed in the back of the most magnificent Arabian Stallion I had ever met in my life , Bheau. In amazement this was to be the beginning of my life’s adventure. Bheau View Ranch from Bheau’s point of View! I gave away my house and possessions to seek His plan for my life and I was guided to this place . I began this journey when I was able to let go of everything and allow God to direct my path. Love is what Bheau Is and Marriage is a commitment of Love. Wedding vows are sacred and Bheau View Ranch is a sacred place.


  • I love the beauty of nature and there is nothing more beautiful than Love. Bheau View Ranch has hosted thousands of special families from San Diego who have brought their family members here from all over the world. The silver thread that I have enjoyed hearing said by all is Bheau View Ranch reminds them of home and the love and joy that brings to my heart is unsurpassed.


  • I hope Bheau View Ranch will continue to bloom with more love and beauty because of the people who choose to make it part of their lives too. The AwE Center Foundation a501(C3) NonProfit was formed in 2010 . It stands for Arts Wellness and Equestrian Education. All of the proceeds from the weddings goes into the foundation to protect and preserve the animals and continue the education for future generations.


  • The ideal client for me is someone who wants to create a event that will be not only be beautiful to look at but to feel with all of their heart .


  • When the horse whinnied after the vows during the kiss . It was such a perfect moment that everyone clapped and felt the joy!


  • We had a couple who were very strapped for funds And our preferred vendors all gave extra and had a dream wedding for this beautiful young couple .


  • Bheau View Ranch has a professional Venue Manager who will meet with you and listen to what your perfect day looks and feels like and has all the ability to create it for you. We want every wedding to be the wedding of your dreams.


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